Tuesday, 2018-10-16

11:10 PM
Stick is very Lazy
lawls. No work has been done in the past 3 weeks =_=.
I'm currently being distracted by an MMO which I will not name, otherwise known as Dreams of Mirrors Online. IT'S TOO FUN!
But I have actually continued spriting Kuro a little more. But now I'm stuck at a strong kick... I can't seem to be able to sprite a good one. I will post more animations of his sprites.
In other news. At burke works there seems to be a game being made that is similar to Jump Ultimate Stars/Super Stars, only with our own original manga characters.
What this means is there IS a chance of Kuro being in it, as well as a chance of Kuro having his own Manga. who knows? Maybe later, when I can, I will make a manga series for Kuro.
IN ANOTHER Important news, DCG is finally back up and not 150% half dead. In fact, there is a new demo game released, named "Ryuji" (about friggen time Jazzy released it). It is actually pretty fun, with just very little known bugs.
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lol nice (dream of mirrors is fun)

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