Tuesday, 2018-10-16

8:52 PM
Yaaaay (for you guys)
I am now finally working on stuffs!
Progress on Kuro sprites have been shown in the previews section.
It's also about time to change the banner to a more sexier and recent one D:<
So that'll happen in a while... when I'm not lazy to draw.
Little short news story for ideas on Kuro's game.
The main enemies in the game are metallic insect-like demons. They are called the Dimonsites[dee-mo-site]. There are a few different kind of Dimonsites.
S-Type Dimosite: A speedy dimonsite that has long-sharp blades for arms. Moves very swiftly and slashes in the speed of sound.
G-Type Dimosite: A gunner. This dimonsite has 2 machine guns as hands. Not as powerful, but very good at long-range combat.
F-Type Dimosite: A flying type. This dimonsite takes the shape of a wyvern, and has big wings to create Wind Attacks to blow you away.
P-Type Dimosite: A dimosite with great big arms for massive punches. Can knock anything away easily.
Beta-Type Dimosite: The new type of Dimosite that excells in all abilities than the other 4 types.
There you have it folks, more simple ideas that shall be put into the actual game soon enough :P
That's all for now, buh bye.
EDITS: Oh yeah, I have also added a "most recent video" on the media page now.
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