Tuesday, 2018-10-16

8:50 PM
Actual News
This weekend I've been working a lot on Kuro's sheet-o-sprites, and I'm glad to say that it's coming along very nicely.
All that's left to do is sprite 2 super moves, 1 transforming, and 1 ultimate move, a win, a lose, and a taunt, and that's it!
Once the sheet is done, I'll start to make a game for Kuro as soon as I can. Once I feel that it is ready, I'll release a demo for yall to have fun with.
After that, I'll work on a MUGEN character of him for those who like my MUGEN work for some odd reason.
Also, I'll soon release a custom made Lifebar set for MUGEN if you are interested. It's the life bars you see in my video, Yusuke vs Sasuke. Hope you guys find them interesting!
That's all for this update, see yall later!
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