Tuesday, 2018-10-16

12:43 PM
Site Changed
I worked around the site interface more, and changed a lot.
As you can see, the banner isn't so catchy right now D:
Sooo, I need to change it later.
The newest Kuro mugen character has been done last month, except I needed voicing. Kuro does have a voicer, but he is busy and could not record at the momment. When he does, I'll quickly add the voices to Kuro, and I'll release him ASAP!
Later, I might make use of Youtube's annotation functions and make some interactive videos. I don't know what I'll do, but I'ma try it sometime.
That's all for now, check in later!
NOTE: Those who spam the chatbox with vulgar language or other crap WILL be IP banned, no warnings.
NOTE NOTE: Also, I want to advertise my deviantart page more, so please, feel free to go to it here: http://stickofdoom.deviantart.com/ and check out my art more often! It's much more reliable for me to post them there than here. You can also find it under Media of this site.
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