Tuesday, 2018-10-16

11:05 AM
Worst News So Far
Alright so... due to my stupidity, my notebook where I drew my manga has been completely destroyed. By destroyed, I mean ripped, torn, damaged. Soo..... I pretty much have to start over.
However, it's also a good thing.
I plan to go buy a stack of blank sheeted paper, and work on the manga with that instead of a notebook. So the manga pages I scan from now on will be better looking. They will also be more detailed, so I hope it'll be a big improvement.
That's not all the manga will be different. I also planned to redo all events, beginning with Chapter 1 again. There will be some name changes, as well as character design changes. So expect to be reading a whole new manga.
A HUGE thanks to Azn/Bou for helping me get ideas and whatnot for the new manga.
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Your working on a Manga? What kind?

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