Tuesday, 2018-10-16

2:25 PM
Kuro On Vacation
Ok so, it's April Vacation for me. This means I can work on some stuff.
However, I won't be working on anything related to Kuro for a while. I need a break from it Dx
So, I am now working on a different game instead. This game is extremely simple looking in GRAPHICS, but it WILL be intense in gameplay!
The characters are basically blocky stick figures. Solid colors. While it looks pretty lame, the fighting system and whatnot will hopefully make you jizz your pants.
Just thought I should tell you guys that. Kthxbye.
One more thing: On the previous poll with the apples, the answer is 0. I love how more than half of you all chose 10. >_>
Answer: The guy may have 10 apples, but the question asks how much YOU have. :D
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Absolutely! So the one on the left must be Shiro! Of course!


Kuro means black in Japanese. Shiro means white. Figure it out. lolol

There is a song called I Jizzed my pants or something like that...lol.

Hey! That whitefox ch. is that Kuro? Or the other one?

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