Tuesday, 2018-10-16

1:03 PM
And We're Back
Got nothing to release, but a few updates and news or whatever:
First of all, I feel like I still need to learn much more about Manga before I continue with Black Crystal. I feel like there still needs to be a lot more story and character development. So don't expect much for the Manga for now.
Second of all, it is time for Kuro to return. I'm kinda planning to resprite Kuro ONCE AGAIN!? in a new style. But before that, I'm going to sprite Shiro first. Shiro is the white/silver fox you see in the banner. He's like Kuro's rival (Kuro = black, Shiro = white). Yes, he will be for mugen. After playing buying and beating a new game, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, I have a lot of new ideas in my head. I can't wait to put them into game! ;D
Third of all, the new game I've been working on thats simple in graphics has not been worked on for a while. I don't raelly have a name for it yet, so for now it is called "That Blocky Game". However, the basic controls for it is mostly done, just need to code in 2-3 more techniques for the guy. Then I will code the enemy's AI, and once I design a level or 2, I can release a demo!
But before ALLLL that, I have to find some free time. These days have been a bit rough for me. There is also a ton of homework to do, and tests and finals and whatever. First year of high school.... ):|
That's all for today, c ya guys, and thanks for still visiting this site for those that do!
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