Tuesday, 2018-10-16

9:13 PM
Site Management
Finally! The site has been cleaned up and remade! The site has many changes and upgrades!
-New Banner!
-New Look!
-New Videos section!
-New Manga section!
-New "Recent comments" section! *above News*
-Previews changed to Projects, and much cleaner!
-Downloads no longer restricted from guests!
More news! Pixel Dust Universe, the 8-bit Atari MUGEN game I'm working on, is making good progress! I have found a program to convert music into 8 bit wav files, so that is REALLY great for stages. 2 characters have been finished, and now I'm slowly working on the third. I have other things to do these days so progress may be slowed down. But when 6 characters are done, I will release a demo. So be prepared!
On another note, Black Crystal, the manga I've started a while back, is finally coming back! I've gotten new ideas, and I really want to start putting them into use! The storyline has been changed, new characters are added, new names, everything is redone. This will be a great manga!
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