Tuesday, 2018-10-16

10:19 AM
Working on it
Yep, slowly, but still working on Pixel Dust Universe. A video has been posted in the Videos Section showing the next finished character, Lion Magnus from Tales of Destiny.
Also, I posted another video regarding to TeamFourStar being suspended on Youtube. The story here is that Toei Animation, the company that owns the DBZ anime in japan has come and demanded that Youtube takes off all DBZ related things, so that they won't get sued. Since TFS did a DBZ Abridged Series, which was really popular, they got suspended forever. The funny thing is that FUnimation, the American company who owns the DBZ series, is perfectly ok with our abridged series. Chris Sabat, a voice actor that does many characters in the DBZ series, even promoted the abridged series!
So my response to all this is... what the hell.
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