Tuesday, 2018-10-16

1:35 PM
An Explanation
So I've worked on Stick Fighters: R for a little while in the past months. However, I want to share the reason why it's still not out yet.

My personal musical artist that worked on Stick Fighters R tracks randomly disappeared on me a couple of months ago. I assumed they were away for a while so I wanted to just wait it out and see when they come back. However, it's been well over 3 months now and still no messages ever got back to me. So now I guess it's safe to assume that they won't be coming back at all.

Therefore, I've been really pondering what to do about the music part of SFR. I really don't want to go and take others' music. I'd prefer my own musician to make original tracks for me. It's either I get lucky and find someone else or I go music-less for this demo.

Whatever the case, I still need to make a few more stages (which look kinda crappy, yet cool at the same time) and hunt down a few more sound effects. I'm looking to replace the hitsounds I have now to something more... unique. So after a few more resources hunting the demo should be ready.

I apologize for my laziness and procrastination, and just wanted to share an explanation. That's all for now, later~
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