Tuesday, 2018-10-16

5:25 PM
Black Crystal Progress and a Side Project
So Black Crystal is coming along pretty amazing now, as you can see. I posted a new video in the videos section if you haven't seen it on my youtube page yet to show the helper system! It's not complete yet, but you can see what to expect. As of now I need to sprite the actual enemies of the game to program into it. Once I do that, and design an actual level, I can release a really early test demo of the game!

On another note, spriting for Black Crystal gets pretty tedious and frustrating, so I'm going to start a simple side project. However this is only an experiment. I'm going to make another really damn simple platformer action game using 8 bit sound and graphics. Why? Because I want to make something really easy yet fun at the same time to relax from the loads of work I need to put into Black Crystal. I'm just brainstorming for now, so I can't really say anything besides that the character you control is a block with a sword. However this might be a failure, and then nothing will be released.

That's all for now, see you guys later!
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