Tuesday, 2018-10-16

3:43 PM
Black Crystal - YES!
Finally, I have found the way to make the game as fun and easy to make as possible. I've made my own style of game, combining Atari 8-bit sound effects and a sort of 16-bit-like graphics to produce this simple, fast paced little game. Progress is booming, so it doesn't take very long to get a lot done, which is really good for me.

In fact, I've done so much progress in such a short time that I can already release a fully playable demo... but I won't do that until I get a bit more done. That won't take very long, fortunately, so you can expect to finally play a Black Crystal game soon!

Here are some quick screen shots (more in Projects section):

This game is gonna be greaat, I just know it. I hope you all enjoy this concept of the game... till next time!
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