Tuesday, 2018-10-16

8:43 PM
Happy New Years!
Hii, it's 2010! I know, I'm late.

So I have been working on Kuro's game. Progress is rather slow, because spriting isn't that easy. Especially since my sprites are big sprites this time. I'm still working on Kuro's sprites, which is taking a damn long time because of some other distractions too, as a teenager myself.

Anyway, because I feel like there aren't gonna be much more updates from now on until I finish my game, I wanted to tell you guys exactly that. There probably won't be any important updates here anymore, only pointless updates like this one. This is just until I actually make good enough progress on Kuro's game. Since spriting big sprites is such hard work, I'd say give me a year or so, until I have some real progress to show you guys.

Another news is that I made a blogtv account, to stream whatever. 
I will stream myself once in a while, and yall can watch me sprite Kuro or play some random game on an emulator or something. As pointless and boring as it sounds, I'm gonna do it anyway. Hey who  knows, maybe you guys can learn a thing or do by watching someone sprite. And when I have enough progress, I might stream myself making the actual game of Kuro's, so you can get a sneak peak of that too. Also, there is a chatbox next to the stream video, and I will try to be there often, so feel free to drop in and have a nice chat with me sometime ;D

So just give me a year to work on the sprites, don't forget about this site, and have a great 2010!
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