Tuesday, 2018-10-16

9:00 AM
Let's Try Twitter?
Let's post more statuses!

Black Crystal has been making a great deal of progress. And I'm proud of how it's turning out. I've already given quick demo's to those chosen to be beta testers. This game is going to be a lot different from my usual games. Instead of complex games, I realized that my games should be more like "time wasters" rather than full out "story games". As soon as I sprite decent looking enemies and finish off the skills (which are a bitch to do...), it might be ready for release?

As for Stick Fighters, I've got my musician guy again, and he's making me some pretty nice bgm, but he's quite slow right now. He has many things to deal with right now just as I have, so progress for this game will be slow.

For faster quick updates, I'm going to try twitter again. Please follow me!
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