Tuesday, 2018-10-16

8:30 PM
Stick Fighters: Restoration!
Yeah, it's pretty official this time. I'm working on this game like crazy and I'm not going to stop anytime soon. If you haven't been following me on youtube, well why haven't you?!?

Anyways, I've been posting a lot of progress videos on youtube. Check em out and see how it compares to the original Stick Fighters!

As you can see, I'm almost done with 3 characters as well as the character select screen. After 4 characters, at least 5 stages, and a finished screen pack, a demo shall be released for yall to try and test! The character roster has already been decided, plus pretty much everything else.

I hope everyone is excited about this game, as it pretty much will be my greatest game ever released. As for the other games, not much info on them yet. They do however need some major fixing/redoing some parts :\

That's all for now... till next time~
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