Tuesday, 2018-10-16

2:30 PM
Still Running!
Eeeyyyyyyyyy sup people~
First things first. As I can tell from the poll, a lot of you are eager to get a remake of Stick Fighters. That game is coming along just fine. I'm currently working on the fourth character (rather slowly). After that, I'll have to work on at least 4 more stages, make the remaining game screens left, and then wait for my music artist to finish working on his songs. Maybe another month or so and you guys will get the game!
If you can't wait, here' some other news. Remember that game... That Running Game? I just picked up on it again yesterday after putting it on hold for a good few months. Throughout the last night and all of today, I've been working furiously on this game. I feel like it has really great potential to be an amazing game, while it's also a really easy and fun game to program myself. Here are some screen shots.

Look's exciting, doesn't it? At this rate, I might be able to get out a demo of this in a week or so! It won't be a short demo, I promise you that. In fact, it might be close to the full game! All the basic coding and the game itself is pretty much done. All I need now is more stages, and other obstacle ideas. I'ma go record and upload a video of it later.

Well, that's all from the ol' Stick today!
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