Thursday, 2019-05-23

4:35 PM
Final Update
Hey guys. I get the feeling there are still people who come to this site. That's amazing! Thanks for your continued interest.

However, I'd like to stop any further visits to this site. It's a waste of everybodys time. So here is the final update to StickofDoom productions, with some information about what's going on with me nowadays.

First, I am no longer "StickofDoom". As I grew up over the years, I've grown out of this name and felt that it didn't suit me anymore. I no longer do much with stick figures, and it's not exactly the most "mature" name. Therefore, I decided to throw away the name of StickofDoom and start fresh again, as ExtraHP, or even just Kay (a nickname I use in real life).

Even though I have put 0 updates for years, I have never really stopped working on things. I still sprited, I still programmed games, and I still draw. I just decided that managing a site and trying to come out with content every now and then didn't suit me. My work ethics wouldn't allow me to. Trying to manage this site like that was very difficult for me, and ultimately failed. Therefore, I turned to other places. I like to randomly post smaller shit, like some quick drawings or just some sprites and whatnot rather than big releases of things. This website was not the place for that. That was the very reason this site died again. I always tried to manage sites where I will put out a lot of big releases of my work, but that couldn't happen because I never had all that time and motivation to do that often.

So instead, I tried being a lot more casual and relaxed. I turned to facebook and even wordpress to make 2 separate websites that aren't as serious as this one is. My facebook is Kay Arts (https://www.facebook.com/kayartsxhp?ref=hl). It's a facebook page where I will be posting a lot of quick little sketches and artworks. It's 10 times easier for me to just really quickly post crap, so I will indeed post things often. If you want, please drop a like on the page~ 

My other site is ExtraHP Games(http://extrahp.wordpress.com/). It's very similar to this kind of shit, but again, a lot easier for me to have a catalogue of my work and shit. Also with a new name, I needed a new place to host my work. There's next to nothing on that site for now, but when I have more time to work on things, more will definitely be posted there.

So yeah. From now on, please refer to those 2 sites instead of this one. I won't completely close this site off yet, but please don't come here anymore after you read this final update!

Once again, thanks to all of you that are still interested in my work and stayed tuned for more! I DEFINITELY have some BIG projects in the works right now! Bigger than I've ever tried, with a full staff team to help this time!
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