Friday, 2018-12-14

I'm yet again starting a new MUGEN project. This one is called Crossover Hero Battle. (name may be changed later). Basically it's a game with 15 heroes from all kinds of series and games to fight in 1 game. It will feature my own battle system, with Clashable attacks, flashy supers, many combos, and more.
The confirmed 15 characters are:
Kuro Dragon
Eaon Waevern
Naruto Uzumaki
Sasuke Uchiha
Stahn Aileron
Lion Magnus
Megaman Zero
Goku Son
Sonic the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog
Yusuke Urameshi
Mostly, there are 2 characters from each series. But not always. More news to this game soon.
One more thing, Kuro is updated. Download him now!
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Alright, finally I added 2 MUGEN characters, SSBB Sonic and Kuro Dragon. I'll add more older MUGEN characters later.
Also I put up the Previews Page, so now you guys can be up to date to my work if you are interested in them!
The polls will be changed every Sunday from now on, to anything random.
That's pretty much it for today, don't forget to leave a message at the Guestbook, join the site, and post in the forums!
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Hi yall. I am glad to say that Kuro's MUGEN character is finally finished.
I will upload the spritesheet soon incase anybody wants it for whatever the reason. I might upload the MUGEN Character of Kuro soon, or maybe I'll just wait until I update him and then upload it here.
On other news, I have now started to code my Kuro's very own game, which is now called Fire Dragon Kuro. I will obviously upload some screens as soon as its..... viewable.
I do realize that this site is pretty crappy at the momment. Please wait for when I can find time to put more stuff here and make it a real "production" site. Just be patient.
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Hello all. This is the new site for me, StickofDoom.
I have not abandoned Dark Crystal Games, I am only temporarily suspending myself from it. I will get back to it later in the future. When, I can't really say.
I will still work on stuff, but I will post them here.
My current project right now is Kuro Dragon, the main mascot of DCG. He is my #1 priority right now, so I'm only working on his MUGEN character first, and then his own game made by Game Maker 7.0 Pro.
I'm still experimenting around with this Ucoz thing, so wait for more news later!
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