Friday, 2018-12-14

Yaaaay! And in the previous month, I have sprited a total of.... 1/5 of a sprite!!
Yeah, I just drew the outline, and nothing more >.>
Well, I think Kuro's game will be part adventure with some tiny RPG game elements, like leveling up and stuff. If I can figure out how to, I will make it that your attack, defense, hp, and mp increases everytime you level :O
So theres some more tiny bitsy news about Kuro's game for ya. Yes, I just added this news to keep the site still kinda seemingly alive.
NOTE: I just saw the previous poll results...
Here's the gist of it:
1-2 votes on other choices,
the rest, ALL went for MUGEN characters/games >.>
You greedy bastards D:<
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And today, I add some new stuff.

I added a "tag board". This is basically a fun lil chat thingy for the site! Please remember to keep the language at an appropriate level, so that this site is suitable for everybody.

Please know that I'm -Yu-. Stickofdoom = -Yu-. So I will be chatting on the "tag board" with that name.

In other news, I'm finally (slowly) working on more kuro sprites again!! I shall continue working more and more, until I have the sprites I need to make a game out of it. Then I will sprite MORE and eventually make a MUGEN character.

Other than that, not much other news. I may add more pictures around the site so it doesn't seem dull... later....

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Alright seriously people.
It's been pretty much a year since I've made them, and people STILL message me and comment like crazy asking me where to get them?!
So, due to lots of frustration and also popular demand, I've reuploaded NH3 characters on this site for easy access and download.
Hell, I might even do remakes of em. Who knows?
One last thing, if there is another character that lots of people want, just comment on the guestbook or send emails or whatever and ask. If enough people asks for the same thing, I'll reupload here since the rest of my characters are pretty damn scattered around all over the net.
Good luck, and have fun!
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No I haven't died. I'm STILL distracted by DOMO at the momment, so again, no work has been done :\
I got rid of the forum because it was just a dead waste of space. All this site needs is the downloads, the visitors, and the fun. Screw the forum D:<
oh yeah, and school started, so work may be even slower than it already is, if that's really possible. For now though, everything is on hold.
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lawls. No work has been done in the past 3 weeks =_=.
I'm currently being distracted by an MMO which I will not name, otherwise known as Dreams of Mirrors Online. IT'S TOO FUN!
But I have actually continued spriting Kuro a little more. But now I'm stuck at a strong kick... I can't seem to be able to sprite a good one. I will post more animations of his sprites.
In other news. At burke works there seems to be a game being made that is similar to Jump Ultimate Stars/Super Stars, only with our own original manga characters.
What this means is there IS a chance of Kuro being in it, as well as a chance of Kuro having his own Manga. who knows? Maybe later, when I can, I will make a manga series for Kuro.
IN ANOTHER Important news, DCG is finally back up and not 150% half dead. In fact, there is a new demo game released, named "Ryuji" (about fri ... Read more »
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I added a new section, called Media. In it you can check out all my other non-gaming crap, such as all my artworks and videos.
In my gaming news, Kuro's sprites are continuing nicely. The game, Fire Dragon Kuro, will be on hold until the new sprites are done, so I can use those instead of the old crappy ones. Of course, a story line is needed before I work too much on it...
That's all for this week, see yall later.
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I haven't updated with anything for a while so I thought might as well finish Yusuke fast and release it.
Get him now! be sure to leave comments and feedback!
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Alright. I haven't done crap these days. I've been slowly spriting yet ANOTHER Kuro Dragon sheet so I can recode him for the 3rd time, and hopefully the last.
I haven't really been working on Kuro's game either, since I still have no storyline.
Crossover Hero Battle? Already canceled. It was lame >_>. And unoriginal.
Just thought I should keep this site updated more. That's all for today. C yaz.
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W00t! My first 2nd Generation Character is done(kinda)!!
Well, go download it already!
oh yeah, and it's not fully complete. There are still some crap I have to add.
Oh, and Happy 4th of July everybody ^_^
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And now I have started the first 2nd Generation SoD Characters. Check in the Previews section for more details!
2nd Gen SoD Chars WILL be epic. Everything will be much better than my old characters. Coding wise, gameplay wise, almost everything will be better. And I think I'm doing pretty good at starting this new generation of character coding for me.
Other news:
Site Friends are added. Just Contact/email me if you want to link our sites!
Check MOAR into the Previews.
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