Sunday, 2018-06-17

Alright...I have finaly got an idea for a new MUGEN game!
I am going to make a crazy fighting game with Atari styled graphics. I have planned out each character here:
This game will have 23 characters, 2 from an Anime/Game series. I'm not going to name them all, see if you can figure out who each character is from the pic above xD.
I'm still in the planning stages... So I can't real say much for now... check back for more updates!!
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I'm starting to work again yaaay!
I'm just taking the old Kuro sprites and recoloring them, but also completely respriting some things too.
Oh yeah, and Kuro's last name has changed from "Dragon"(too plain) to "Aonix".
After I'm done with the respriting, I will then sprite Shiro, that white fox you see in the site banner. 
That's all fo now, c ya.
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Got nothing to release, but a few updates and news or whatever:
First of all, I feel like I still need to learn much more about Manga before I continue with Black Crystal. I feel like there still needs to be a lot more story and character development. So don't expect much for the Manga for now.
Second of all, it is time for Kuro to return. I'm kinda planning to resprite Kuro ONCE AGAIN!? in a new style. But before that, I'm going to sprite Shiro first. Shiro is the white/silver fox you see in the banner. He's like Kuro's rival (Kuro = black, Shiro = white). Yes, he will be for mugen. After playing buying and beating a new game, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, I have a lot of new ideas in my head. I can't wait to put them into game! ;D
Third of all, the new game I've been working on thats simple in graphics has not been worked on for a while. I don't raelly have a name for it yet, so f ... Read more »
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Ok so, it's April Vacation for me. This means I can work on some stuff.
However, I won't be working on anything related to Kuro for a while. I need a break from it Dx
So, I am now working on a different game instead. This game is extremely simple looking in GRAPHICS, but it WILL be intense in gameplay!
The characters are basically blocky stick figures. Solid colors. While it looks pretty lame, the fighting system and whatnot will hopefully make you jizz your pants.
Just thought I should tell you guys that. Kthxbye.
One more thing: On the previous poll with the apples, the answer is 0. I love how more than half of you all chose 10. >_>
Answer: The guy may have 10 apples, but the question asks how much YOU have. :D
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Due to more idiocy, my computer has been attacked by massive and endless amounts of viruses.
Luckily, I had most of my stuff backed up, so I was not afraid to format my computer and reset the whole thing.
So now, I have to work on getting back all my old programs, like Photoshop and other editing programs like that. Because of that, I won't be able to update much. I've also been kinda lazy with the manga, so I have no worked on chapter 2 of Black Crystal yet ):
That's all, thanks.
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Under media section... enjoy! And feel free to comment about it in the chat box or guestbook or whatever!

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I have now posted some progress of the newer version of the Kuro Manga.
It is now called "Black Crystal"
To see a preview, go to the Previews section.
Instead of making a billion webpages, now all the pages will be in 1 flash program that I coded... from a tutorial.
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Alright so... due to my stupidity, my notebook where I drew my manga has been completely destroyed. By destroyed, I mean ripped, torn, damaged. Soo..... I pretty much have to start over.
However, it's also a good thing.
I plan to go buy a stack of blank sheeted paper, and work on the manga with that instead of a notebook. So the manga pages I scan from now on will be better looking. They will also be more detailed, so I hope it'll be a big improvement.
That's not all the manga will be different. I also planned to redo all events, beginning with Chapter 1 again. There will be some name changes, as well as character design changes. So expect to be reading a whole new manga.
A HUGE thanks to Azn/Bou for helping me get ideas and whatnot for the new manga.
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Chapter 4 of manga uploaded.
Also, I've changed some paragraphs in the Site Info, and some other crap.
I've also been working tiny bits on the Kuro game for those that are interested.
I just need to sprite a shi- load.
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Go get em >.>
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