Friday, 2018-12-14

Most of the screenpack is done now. All that's left to do before demo release is to do the 4th character then stages, which is very easy~

So hold on to your pants, a demo will be soon! Expect somewhere between 1-2 more months

Also, I notice from the poll that quite a lot of people want a Pein character. I'll probably get to that after the demo of this game first.
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Yeah, it's pretty official this time. I'm working on this game like crazy and I'm not going to stop anytime soon. If you haven't been following me on youtube, well why haven't you?!?

Anyways, I've been posting a lot of progress videos on youtube. Check em out and see how it compares to the original Stick Fighters!

As you can see, I'm almost done with 3 characters as well as the character select screen. After 4 characters, at least 5 stages, and a finished screen pack, a demo shall be released for yall to try and test! The charact ... Read more »
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Nice Update Today. I released a demo beta version of my Uchiha Itachi character for MUGEN!
So go to the downloads section and try it out!

In other news, I think I'ma work on That Runner Game some more, and I'm going to try to make it into my first multiplayer game... if that's possible. I've never done it before so it'll take some time to learn.

That's all the updates for now. But before I end the update, here's a picture of a doll of Kuro I'm sewing (:

Don't you love this little guy?
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Today I have some news that many of you older fans may enjoy: it is very likely that I am going back into MUGEN coding, and with brand new ideas fresh in mind after playing a bunch of fighting games over the years.

It's been pretty much 2 years since I've last coded MUGEN. 2! So that means I've missed out on a lot of stuff in the MUGEN world, especially the whole new HD MUGEN thing. I'm gonna need some time getting used to this new MUGEN and relearning all the codes again.

Making MUGEN characters are much easier than making full games, so that's why I've decided to step up and go back to my old MUGEN ways.

Speaking of which, here's the bad news. 
A lot of stuff has been coming up, so my full game's progresses are being slowed down by a lot. One major thing is that Anime Boston 2011 is coming up very soon, and I'm in a pinch trying to work on my costume last ... Read more »
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Sorry for the late update, but a short demo has finally been released for Black Crystal! Head over to the downloads section to play!

I added an online drawing white board up above. It's for anyone to draw on. Just doodle whatever you want on it to draw with the world! But be sure to press the save button, or else it'll be all erased when you refresh/leave the page. Have fun!

Lastly, here's a late HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone, and of course a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all soon!
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Finally, I have found the way to make the game as fun and easy to make as possible. I've made my own style of game, combining Atari 8-bit sound effects and a sort of 16-bit-like graphics to produce this simple, fast paced little game. Progress is booming, so it doesn't take very long to get a lot done, which is really good for me.

In fact, I've done so much progress in such a short time that I can already release a fully playable demo... but I won't do that until I get a bit more done. That won't take very long, fortunately, so you can expect to finally play a Black Crystal game soon!

Here are some quick screen shots (more in Projects section):

This game is gonna be greaat, I just know it. I hope you all enjoy this concept of the game... till next time!
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Good news. In a morning, my computer has decided to work one last time for 10 minutes so that gave me the chance to back up most of my files.
In addition, I got a new computer! So now I can work more on my stuff. In fact, here's a nice little demo for you all.
The demo is featuring "Marathon Mode" this time. It is an endless mode where you run through random platforms that appear in no pattern. Unfortunately, there are only 6 pre-programmed random "rooms". So therefore, you can probably see some repeats in one playthrough.
That's all for now, thank you and later!
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Well... my main computer decided to randomly die on me today. The whole motherboard is literally dead, and I have no way to turn it on to recover any of my files.

What that means is that I just lost a crap ton of work...
No Black Crystal (not even most sprites)
No Running Game
No progress

Let's hope I can recover somethings if my computer decides to ever work again in the future. Nothing to update... so later~
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Yeah I actually made this little simple game.

When you're constantly spriting for Black Crystal, sometimes you just want a break from it and just do something nice and simple...

Like this game I'm making!

It's not official, but I put up a little demo of the game for everybody. Download and play!

-A to Jump
-S to boost
-down+A to slide
-F2 to reset

Most of the things are put there just for tests... so most things you see aren't final. Enjoy!
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So Black Crystal is coming along pretty amazing now, as you can see. I posted a new video in the videos section if you haven't seen it on my youtube page yet to show the helper system! It's not complete yet, but you can see what to expect. As of now I need to sprite the actual enemies of the game to program into it. Once I do that, and design an actual level, I can release a really early test demo of the game!

On another note, spriting for Black Crystal gets pretty tedious and frustrating, so I'm going to start a simple side project. However this is only an experiment. I'm going to make another really damn simple platformer action game using 8 bit sound and graphics. Why? Because I want to make something really easy yet fun at the same time to relax from the loads of work I need to put into Black Crystal. I'm just brainstorming for now, so I can't really say anything besides that the character you control is a block with a sword. However this might be a failure, and ... Read more »
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