Sunday, 2018-05-27

Wow guys, I'm working my butt off on this game and it's going greaaat!

More screenshots in the projects section, and now even a video for you guys in the video section! ;D
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So I've finally finished the spriting for Kuro, and am already working on the game itself!

Right now it's going pretty well! I can easily say this is the best game I've ever made, because of the coding and how the game plays out. After a years worth of Java and computer programming classes, I've learned a lot more about how to code and it helps in game coding. With that, I have found better and new things to code into my games, and it's pretty damn amazing!

Enough about that, I've posted some screen shots of the game's progress in the PROJECTS section. Be sure to check them out! When I have the title screen and the UI and the first level completed, I shall release a very early demo!

More updates coming soon!
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The Kuro sprites are almost done!

After many long months, the sheet is basically complete, but just colorless. I have a friend who is also helping me color these sprites, so they should be done in no time! After that, the sheet will be ready for use and I shall start coding my amazing Kuro game project.

In other news, as you may have noticed, some graphics have been changed in the site. Banners, site menu, projects, and the downloads pages have all been updated with more images, so it looks nice. I also changed the "Recent Comments" above this and replaced it with some downloads instead! I hope yall like it better this way~

So I'ma get back to my coloring of the billions of sprites, and hopefully I'll have progress of the game to show soon!
Til next time~
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Hii, it's 2010! I know, I'm late.

So I have been working on Kuro's game. Progress is rather slow, because spriting isn't that easy. Especially since my sprites are big sprites this time. I'm still working on Kuro's sprites, which is taking a damn long time because of some other distractions too, as a teenager myself.

Anyway, because I feel like there aren't gonna be much more updates from now on until I finish my game, I wanted to tell you guys exactly that. There probably won't be any important updates here anymore, only pointless updates like this one. This is just until I actually make good enough progress on Kuro's game. Since spriting big sprites is such hard work, I'd say give me a year or so, until I have some real progress to show you guys.

Another news is that I made a blogtv account, to stream whatever. 
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Alright. Twitter failed. Sooo let's try Facebook maybe? Hah. Just trying to advertise and also keep interaction with some of my fans!

Hopefully those who have a facebook will become a fan ;D

Find tons of previews and my progress of my works there!
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Alright I'm going to add this news post just to let you guys know that I'm still here working on stuff.

Since school started, work has been piling up. I also have more school-related activities now. Because of that, I have MUCH less time to work on anything at all.

However, I can tell you all that I am still working on Kuro's game. I have made huge plans for how it'll turn out. Hopefully it'll be as good as I imagined it. There will be RPG style dialog cutscenes and what not. Right now I'm just taking my time to sprite Kuro's sheet. My spriting style has changed a bit more, as now I sprite bigger sprites with anti alias shading. Check the Projects section to see some examples of the sprites. Progress will be slow due to school work or other crap.

Regarding my Pixel Dust Universe, I don't really have any motivation to work on it anymore. This is because I've realized that MUGEN is kind of dying and I don't think m ... Read more »
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I finally joined in in the craziness.

Everyone is welcome to follow me. I will post any updates that relate to my works. I can assure you it'll update MUCH faster than this site here. Twitter is extremely easy to use. So it's very convenient to waste 5 seconds of my life to post about updates on my games or other work.

Work on my games are somewhat slow, tho. This is because of school work. A lot of school work is piling up on me >_>...
However, I put up a screen shot of the very first stage in the projects page!

That's all for now. BE SURE TO FOLLOW!
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Yep, slowly, but still working on Pixel Dust Universe. A video has been posted in the Videos Section showing the next finished character, Lion Magnus from Tales of Destiny.
Also, I posted another video regarding to TeamFourStar being suspended on Youtube. The story here is that Toei Animation, the company that owns the DBZ anime in japan has come and demanded that Youtube takes off all DBZ related things, so that they won't get sued. Since TFS did a DBZ Abridged Series, which was really popular, they got suspended forever. The funny thing is that FUnimation, the American company who owns the DBZ series, is perfectly ok with our abridged series. Chris Sabat, a voice actor that does many characters in the DBZ series, even promoted the abridged series!
So my response to all this is... what the hell.
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Finally! The site has been cleaned up and remade! The site has many changes and upgrades!
-New Banner!
-New Look!
-New Videos section!
-New Manga section!
-New "Recent comments" section! *above News*
-Previews changed to Projects, and much cleaner!
-Downloads no longer restricted from guests!
More news! Pixel Dust Universe, the 8-bit Atari MUGEN game I'm working on, is making good progress! I have found a program to convert music into 8 bit wav files, so that is REALLY great for stages. 2 characters have been finished, and now I'm slowly working on the third. I have other things to do these days so progress may be slowed down. But when 6 characters are done, I will release a demo. So be prepared!
On another note, Black Crystal, the manga I've started a while back, is finally coming back! I've gotten new ideas, ... Read more »
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I'm finally making progress on a game!

So that simple looking atari graphics game will be called "Pixel Dust Universe". So far, I have completed Naruto, and here's a video to show you what the game will be like.


Next I will work on the screenpack. If you don't know mugen, the screen pack is like the menus and lifebars and crap in a fighting game.

I shall post more screenshots soon. Check back for updates!
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