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Yes, you heard me, chapter 2 is now released!
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The NEW mugen character of Kuro is finally released!
Unfortunately, there are no voicing, because we just gave up.
So go over to the downloads and get him!
Everything will be in the read me file, so be sure to read it!
Because tomorrow is Thursday, I shall be releasing a new chapter of the Kuro Manga, for those who enjoy it. If I can't release it tomorrow, then it'll definitely be on Friday.
That's all for now, Bye!
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I have now successfully scanned and uploaded Kuro's very own manga onto this site for your viewing pleasure! It is open to all visitors and users of this site!
Just go to the Media Section and you'll find it.
I will try to release a new chapter as often as possible. It takes me a while to finish one, so don't expect one like every week. It's harder than that!
So just be patient, and enjoy!!!
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I worked around the site interface more, and changed a lot.
As you can see, the banner isn't so catchy right now D:
Sooo, I need to change it later.
The newest Kuro mugen character has been done last month, except I needed voicing. Kuro does have a voicer, but he is busy and could not record at the momment. When he does, I'll quickly add the voices to Kuro, and I'll release him ASAP!
Later, I might make use of Youtube's annotation functions and make some interactive videos. I don't know what I'll do, but I'ma try it sometime.
That's all for now, check in later!
NOTE: Those who spam the chatbox with vulgar language or other crap WILL be IP banned, no warnings.
NOTE NOTE: Also, I want to advertise my deviantart page more, so please, feel free to go to it here: ... Read more »
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I'm actually starting to code Fire Dragon Kuro, the game.
Here's a video to show progress...
Oh, and Happy New Years!
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I'd just like to make this update to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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This weekend I've been working a lot on Kuro's sheet-o-sprites, and I'm glad to say that it's coming along very nicely.
All that's left to do is sprite 2 super moves, 1 transforming, and 1 ultimate move, a win, a lose, and a taunt, and that's it!
Once the sheet is done, I'll start to make a game for Kuro as soon as I can. Once I feel that it is ready, I'll release a demo for yall to have fun with.
After that, I'll work on a MUGEN character of him for those who like my MUGEN work for some odd reason.
Also, I'll soon release a custom made Lifebar set for MUGEN if you are interested. It's the life bars you see in my video, Yusuke vs Sasuke. Hope you guys find them interesting!
That's all for this update, see yall later!
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Oh mahh gawd Yo.
Ever since I made the update about needing to become a member to do more stuff, I've been bombarded with new members.

wtf? My site doesn't even have anything worth becoming a member for yet, so why...?
Even so, it gives me motivation that so much new members are registering. So I shall not dissappoint you guys, and I will work more on my stuff and eventually get something released.
Thanks again.
EDIT: since so much members are joining, I now have a reason to make a forum. It is currently being worked on, so just come and chat in where ever you can. Please enjoy!
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Wooooooo finally a bigger update than usual!
I have:
-Added an FAQ page, yaay everybody loves to read those, right?!
-Worked around the settings and stuff
-Added a new game, actually an old one.... really old one
-Added a "most recent video" on the media page for easy viewing
-Changed poll as usually every now and then
-Added a new category in the downloads, called "Demos". Game Demos or characterdemos will be posted in this section, but only registered users can download from here.
-Added a NEW banner!
Now, only members can download stuff. You must register before you can download anything off this site. I originally didn't plan it, but it has to be done for some of my own purposes. Sorry for the guests D: Everybody can still view everythnig as usual, you just have to be signed in to download games and things.
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I am now finally working on stuffs!
Progress on Kuro sprites have been shown in the previews section.
It's also about time to change the banner to a more sexier and recent one D:<
So that'll happen in a while... when I'm not lazy to draw.
Little short news story for ideas on Kuro's game.
The main enemies in the game are metallic insect-like demons. They are called the Dimonsites[dee-mo-site]. There are a few different kind of Dimonsites.
S-Type Dimosite: A speedy dimonsite that has long-sharp blades for arms. Moves very swiftly and slashes in the speed of sound.
G-Type Dimosite: A gunner. This dimonsite has 2 machine guns as hands. Not as powerful, but very good at long-range combat.
F-Type Dimosite: A flying type. This dimonsite takes the shape of a wyvern, and has b ... Read more »
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