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Hey guys. I get the feeling there are still people who come to this site. That's amazing! Thanks for your continued interest.

However, I'd like to stop any further visits to this site. It's a waste of everybodys time. So here is the final update to StickofDoom productions, with some information about what's going on with me nowadays.

First, I am no longer "StickofDoom". As I grew up over the years, I've grown out of this name and felt that it didn't suit me anymore. I no longer do much with stick figures, and it's not exactly the most "mature" name. Therefore, I decided to throw away the name of StickofDoom and start fresh again, as ExtraHP, or even just Kay (a nickname I use in real life).

Even though I have put 0 updates for years, I have never really stopped working on things. I still sprited, I still programmed games, and I still draw. I just decided that managing a site and trying to come out with content every n ... Read more »
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I have a bit of sad news today, but it's kind of nothing really.

See those 3 games to the left? Yeah. The unfinished games. Thing is, I'm probably not going to work on them much for a while. I have done a little more work on SF:R, but nothing too significant. As for Black Crystal (still my main focus), I've basically finished the main game, but all it needs are the actual stages and enemies, and most important the story. Without the finalized Kuro story, I don't want to continue working on the game. Therefore, a lot of things are put on halt.

Another thing is: I probably won't put anymore updates for a long time. At least not until I actually have something to release. Therefore, I'm changing how things on this site works. I will no longer put anything up that isn't finished. Meaning if I'm working on something new (which I am), I won't put anything about it up until its DEFINITELY getting finished and it's like 90% done. This way, I won't ha ... Read more »
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I finished making the game pages! All the stuff is there now so enjoy the games again, except for Black Crystal!

Will keep working on those 3 games eventually, as soon as I have some more free time. So don't lose faith, they will have more progress!
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OKAY! With the new year, I've decided to completely redesign the website so that it's got a whole new feel to it; I think I did a good job on this one!

With the new site, I've removed a TON of things that were just completely useless. It made the website a giant mess of unnecessary functions with no purpose. So I just cut out all those things. I wanted to redesign the site to have a VERY simple layout. Now it looks pretty clean!

It's not done yet as there is plenty of work left to do. I just wanted to show off a little preview for now. Hope you guys like it. More updates coming soon.
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Hey everybody! So sorry for the lack of any real updates, but I finally have the time to release the demo of Stick Fighters: Restoration. It's still lacking quite a lot of stuff, and there's some messy stuff somewhere, but I really wanted to get it out for now for you all.

One important note: I've decided to leave all the files open. While I really hope you guy's don't take the characters, there's no point in boxing the game up.

I know there's still a lot of stuff to be done, but I'll be sure to get to them eventually. But for now, PLEASE ENJOY THE GAME!

Oh, and for more information on how to actually play the game, I'll upload a youtube video tutorial on that later to my newer channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/StickoDoomProduction
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So I just made added that twitter thing to the side


Let me explain. Full updates like this one will be added if there's some major change to the site or I finally have something to release for once. Quick little sentence status updates will be posted on twitter to the left. It makes things a lot easier for me. I can type random stuff on the twitter section, while keeping this section only for important updates.

Games -
Black Crystal still have many many many many sprites that needs to be done.

Stick Fighters R will have an extra early release soon enough once I get around to cleaning some stuff around. It'll be soon.
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Let's post more statuses!

Black Crystal has been making a great deal of progress. And I'm proud of how it's turning out. I've already given quick demo's to those chosen to be beta testers. This game is going to be a lot different from my usual games. Instead of complex games, I realized that my games should be more like "time wasters" rather than full out "story games". As soon as I sprite decent looking enemies and finish off the skills (which are a bitch to do...), it might be ready for release?

As for Stick Fighters, I've got my musician guy again, and he's making me some pretty nice bgm, but he's quite slow right now. He has many things to deal with right now just as I have, so progress for this game will be slow.

For faster quick updates, I'm going to try twitter again. Please follow me!
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So I've worked on Stick Fighters: R for a little while in the past months. However, I want to share the reason why it's still not out yet.

My personal musical artist that worked on Stick Fighters R tracks randomly disappeared on me a couple of months ago. I assumed they were away for a while so I wanted to just wait it out and see when they come back. However, it's been well over 3 months now and still no messages ever got back to me. So now I guess it's safe to assume that they won't be coming back at all.

Therefore, I've been really pondering what to do about the music part of SFR. I really don't want to go and take others' music. I'd prefer my own musician to make original tracks for me. It's either I get lucky and find someone else or I go music-less for this demo.

Whatever the case, I still need to make a few more stages (which look kinda crappy, yet cool at the same time) and hunt down a few more sound effects. I'm looking to replace ... Read more »
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In downloads section, go play, enjoy, submit your hi scores!

Well, while that's done, I'ma put this back on hold for a while as I go work on Stick Fighters Restoration now. By now, I mean go relax, play games, chill with friends for another 5 weeks before actually working on it. Later~
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Eeeyyyyyyyyy sup people~
First things first. As I can tell from the poll, a lot of you are eager to get a remake of Stick Fighters. That game is coming along just fine. I'm currently working on the fourth character (rather slowly). After that, I'll have to work on at least 4 more stages, make the remaining game screens left, and then wait for my music artist to finish working on his songs. Maybe another month or so and you guys will get the game!
If you can't wait, here' some other news. Remember that game... That Running Game? I just picked up on it again yesterday after putting it on hold for a good few months. Throughout the last night and all of today, I've been working furiously on this game. I feel like it has really great potential to be an amazing game, while it's also a really easy and fun game to program myself. Here are some screen shots.

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